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R. Kelly

"Kelly’s 12-Play (Remix)"

[R. Kelly]
Ay, listen to my demo, oh!

That's the sound of the bed when it's tweakin' with you and me in it
The passion, the sex, girl, sex like a clinic
Especially when we put on that bump 'n grind
That 12-Play get that boy some pus*y every time
There's something about that sh*t when we put that sh*t on
And not to mention when you mix that sh*t with some Patron
That's why she keep pursuin' it
She love how I'm doin' it
Cause shorty scream like, "Aaah!" like I got two in it

And you don't have to wonder
Twelve's the magic number
Just count from one to twelve, and I'll be going under
Making your body shake like a horror movie (Hit it, hit it!)

It ain't no secret why I be king 'til I die
12-Play deserves a Grammy, because I believe I can fly
I believe that your mommy and daddy laid it down, and they did it
To Kelly's 12-Play

[Hook: The-Dream]
You can't ruin it
From doin' it to Kelly's 12-Play
Like a DJ we screwin' it
While we doin' it (ooh-ooh-in' it) to Kelly's 12-Play
Oh, oh oh oh oh oh oh!

We gon' come up off that bed, push up to the dresser... yeah, yeah, yeah
Now we're all up on my CD player up
Skip, skip, skip-skip, skip-skip back to seven
And we both sweatin' it out like it's a fire up in here
Reach my hand up to the remote, gotta play that one more gear
As we repeat steps 1 through 12
She's like, "Thank you, Dream!"
I'm like, "No, thank you, Kells!"
So I stunt like my daddy up in here
Girl, you got my lips hangin' off your ear
Clean the CD, check for scratches, get up on my mattress
And now we doin' it to Kelly's 12-Play


[R. Kelly]
Ah, ah, I say we doin' it... k-k-killa! (Killa!)

I am the best at what I do
So close the door and let me show you
I got my tongue all up in it like (leetle-leetle-leetle-leetle-leetle)
Now, I'ma make you change your notes like (leetle-leetle-leetle-leetle-leetle)
Do you like that? Do you like this?
Then tell me how does this feel?
Girl, my only aim's to please your body
I'ma sing to that puss, make it sing right back to me
We can be a duet, we've got that kind of chemistry
And if I smoke grass, baby, I'mma light one up cause that was by far the greatest... (f*ck)
'Bout to get that ass up to bidness up in here, 'bout to get your man fired up in here
Because... are you fiendin' for it? And I'm 'bout to run up in it!
So don't hate, listen to my mixtape
And if you wanna know, my favorite's number four on Kelly's 12-Play

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