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R. Kelly

"Trapped in the Closet Chapter 23"

[R. Kelly, Narrating]

Well, if this hasn't taught you nothin' else, it's taught you that
Everybody's got a closet
And they own problems that need solvin'

Could this be another case
Of what comes around comes back around?
And what goes up must come-

Well y'all've heard this end
Y'all get the point
Let me get back to the story
'Cause these next chapters of 'Trapped in the Closet' is gonna be so crazy

Sylvester and Gwen, chillin' in the bed, watchin' TV
No drama
Phone rings, he says, "Hello?"
Somebody says, "Sylvester?"
He says, "Who is this, and how did you get this number?"

Cathy and Rufus decides to do a little shopping downtown, oh Michigan
Her phone rings again
She says, "Rufus, it's those people again."
He says, "Hang up. Hang up."

Now everything seems to calm down between Big Man, James, and Bridget
'Till Bridget gets a call
Someone says, "We wanna talk to you,"
She says, "Who is this?"
"Mmmh hmm."
(Gasp) "Am I gonna be famous?"

Twan on the corner, in the front of the liquor store, talkin' on his cell phone, somebody calls, he switch over and says, "Speak on it!"
"Man, don't be f*ckin' with me!"
"You sh*ttin' me?"
"How much am I gettin' paid?"

Then Rosie and Randolph gets a call!

Then, then Tina and Roxane gets a call!

Then Joey!

Reverend Moseley!

Big Man!


Pimp Lucius!

Now they tried and tried and tried and tried, but there was no luck!
When it came to gettin' in touch
With Chuck....

Where are you, Chuck?

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