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R. Kelly

"Thoia Thoing (Remix)"

[Intro - R. Kelly]
Yo, I know everybody out there wanna know
What the hell does this mean
I don't know my damn self, haha

[Verse 1 - R. Kelly]
Now what the hell does "Thoia Thoing" mean
It can mean anything you want it to mean, anything you say it mean
That's what it mean, if you say sex, then probably
Some say it means pushin the Lex then probably
This one White chick said, "Gettin real smokey and feelin free"
This Black chick said, "Sippin Hennessey in V.I.P"
Well, well you can say what you want that's what it is
All I know is that the thoia thoing man it's the sh*t
Afro's, corn rolls, hair weaves, you gotta love it
White, Black, brown, even Japanese you gotta love it
And you know somebody out there going "Man I like the beat"
"The hook is real tight, but I'mma keep it real dogg it puzzles me"
No rules in the music industry y'all know
If it feel good and make you move your feet y'all know
If the bass is bumpin in your jeep y'all know
Then its the Piper and I'm coming with the heat
Thoia thoing, make you wanna club pop make you wanna drop top
Make you get like Beyonce, and do the booty hop
Thoia thoing, inspired by juice and Hypnotic
It's like a virus, and the whole world got it

[Hook] + (w/ Baby ad-libs)
I had her singing
Thoia thoia thoia thoia thoing thoing
Thoia thoia thoia thoia thoing thoing
She had me singing
Thoia thoia thoia thoia thoing thoing
Thoia thoia thoia thoia thoing thoing

[Verse 2 - Baby]
See it's Baby and Kelly, come relax with us shorty
When we drop, it's platiuim plus shorty
Whoa you see the rocks with the rays
Mess up your eyes like a blunt of that haze
Knee high boots, right wheel side Coupe
Custom made seats, with the fall back roof
Fine Dutch, Louie Vaton with steeleto shoes
Iced up Jacob watch march Jacob boots
Mini's On the Jetta, boss just to take a trip
G4 we in the clouds, now we making hits
The Bird landed in Japan, hopped in a Six
Steering wheel, wood grain, in these foreign whips
Kiesha to Italy, Stacy to France, and
Tanya to Paris, her models the badest and
We stopped in Jamaica spent a hundred grand
Got a hundred model chicks, I done flew from Japan

[Hook] + (w/ Busta Rhymes ad-libs)

[Verse 3 - Busta Rhymes]
Shorty I love how you drop it the way you get down and pop it
Lock it and c*ck it again and again you better stop it girl
I see how you wiggle your coochie, know you should watch it girl
And once we step in the spot, and you know that I got ya (Ahh choo)
Yeah your little Gucci cologne be having me puffy
When sneezing baby it nothing do your thang I ain't gon' stop you girl
All in your mini skirt really squirt, show me something baby
Once I give you what really hurts, you won't owe me nothing (Come on!)
Looking and watching and seeing the way jeans be cutting
All up in yo ass rockin and switchin when you be strutting
(Shake it fast) I know that you willing and able
And ready to (take a glass) sitting on top of ya ass like a table
Now (make it last) performing until the water drip to ya navel
(Take it past) the level of if the label will beat unstable
Now shake ya ass to the joint da joint
Baby do ya thing go head and shake ya tha thoia thiong


[Bridge - R. Kelly]
We make a lot of noise when!
Wake up through the world!
All of the ladies in the house!
Come show ya boys and girls!
Last call for alcohol!
We're closin down the bar!
Tell me where's the after party at!
We rollin with the R.!

[Hook - until fade]

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