R. Kelly

"Ms. Chocolate"

[Intro: R. Kelly (Lil Jon)]
Aye, uh huh (let's go, ladies!)
Uh huh
Lil Jon (yeah!)
Your boy Kells (yeah!)
This is for the Chocolate girls, all around the world (let's go)
Uh, every block (yeah!), every club (yeah!), every hood (YEAH!), I'm in love

[Verse 1: Lil Jon]
So sweet, so round, so thick
So nasty ooh I love that sh*t
So smooth, so creamy
Goddamn it I must be dreaming
So jiggly, so soft
Goddamn it I wanna break you off
So hot you 'gon melt
Eat you all up by myself
Girl I can't wait to unwrap ya
It's a chocolate fix I'm after
So tasty, my treat
Miss Chocolate let me get a little piece
I'm cuckoo for cocoa
So good I want me some more
I'm caught up
I need to stop it
Goddamn I love you Miss Chocolate!
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