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R. Kelly

"Many Gyal"

Many  gyal
Jealous  and envy
One look at me and di man wah leave
I'm tryna hustle make music, make p
And  women wanna take my life away
I  put a hole in a ni**a for f*****g with me
Put my back to the wall then you gon see
Shoulda  watch how you talk when you talked about me
'Cause i'll come and take your man away

Verse 1:
Take your man, take your man, take your man with ease
Phone  line on busy, 'cause he here chilling with me
Pourin' up the liquor while he rollin' up the trees
And I ride it, ride it, ride it, like I ride it on this beat
If he wanna be with me, gotta pay my fees
Yves Saint Laurent, Balmain and jewellery
Miss Haynes giving lessons while you b*****s just trainees
And these N****s always hate 'cause you- they can never be
Forget them, spotlight is on us now
I might text him on a late night
Baby boy you should come down
Baby girl he always comes 'round
Columbo with the questions
To you it might be something
But to me it's nothing

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