R. Kelly

"Drown in It"

[Intro: R. Kelly & Chris Brown]

[Verse 1: R. Kelly]
It don't get no better than my tongue writing you letters, babe
Feeling you get wetter, we'll be making love until the morning after

And I can feel your tide slowly rising as I'm sipping from your water fountain
We gon' flood the bed, take it to the ground
While I'm in your ocean baby, hold my head down, down (Oh)

[Chorus: Chris Brown & R. Kelly]
I wanna drown in it, drown in it
Yeah, babe
Drown in it, drown in it
Just take me under, oh
I wanna drown in it, drown in it
Under your waters, girl
Drown in it, drown in it
I won't ever come up, oh

[Verse 2: Chris Brown]
High heels and your red lips (Hey-y-y-y-y-y)
It's Fahrenheit in here (Ayy)
And I can see a million ways for me to surfboard between your waves
Girl, we be going up down, all around, drip drop, don't stop

No umbrella, playing in your rain
Shawty, I'll be splashing in your deep end
Hydrate me, oh baby, come sit that right on my face
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