R. Kelly

"One Day On This Earth"

Yeah (whoa)
I dropped a tear in the ocean eh
And when you find it
That's the day I'll stop loving you

If I have only one day on this earth whoa
I'll live tonight, I'll spend tonight, make love tonight
I'll sleep tonight with you by my side
And if I have only one day on this earth (whoa)
Then I'll laugh tonight, I'll cry tonight, I'll make it right
Spend the rest of my time with you by my side

[Verse 1]
If my time was slipping away
And I didn't have long to live
I'd appreciate the time we've shared
And I won't want you to shed a tear
If the road was coming to an end
And I couldn't turn this car around
I know faith will get us, get us through the wind
And I'll be somewhere on heaven's ground

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