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R. Kelly

"Trapped in the Closet Chapter 18"

[Tawn:] "Man I can't believe these b*tches all the sh*t I done went through and Tina's ass man kissing that b*tch ooh! "
[Sylvester:] "n*gga calm down that's just what'cha ass get, did I tell ya not to go f*cking with these damn tricks"
"Oh oh, but'chu the one told me holla at her" "n*gga all I was try'na do was make it better you know stop the violence
But who would ever thought the b*tch was diking (laughs) "
"Well I'm glad to know that you having a good time and think this sh*t is funny"
"Bullsh*t to the side n*gga you better start talking to me about how they get this money"
[Gwen calls] but Tawn is still cursing and talking loud
[Gwen calls] Sylvester say "it's Gwen man calm your voice doooooowwwwnnnnnnn, hello" (staticing)
"Gwendolyn" (phone is staticing) "baby we getting a bad connection"
The phone still staticing then Gwen says "Can you hear me now? " "no" "can you hear me now? " "babe"
"Can you hear me now? " "Ok I got'chu" "good"
"Na, Sylvester where you at I'm waiting on you? " "Baby I'm on my way home to you"
"Movies or no" "Baby sumthing came up and I got sumthing else to do"
"Well Mona called" "what did Mona want? " "Same old thing just talking about Dale"
"What daddy done done this time? " "Drinking and cursing people out she put his ass in jail"
"Daddy be trippin he think he big pimpin" "well Mona say he touch her he goin be limpin
You know your peoples on the Westside be trippin" "I'll see you in a minute" "well hurry up I'm cooking"

Meanwhile at the church, Rufus is getting his praise on
With the Reverend Mosley James Evans in the peace within choir
Oh they dancing, oh they shouting, so many people being broken
You gotta see the rest for yourself, the doors to the church is open

(Song changes as Reverend MJE and choir sings)
He will (Jesus goin work it out) work it out (Jesus goin work it out)
God will (Jesus goin work it out) work it out (Jesus goin work it out)
Saints (Jesus goin work it out) don't cha get my offer (Jesus goin work it out)
Don't cha get my offering (Jesus goin work it out) uh, in the second offering (Jesus goin work it out)
Hey! (Work it out)
Didn't he didn't he work it out (work it out) didn't he didn't he work it out (work it out)
Didn't he didn't he work it out (my God will work it out)
Hey, all my winners do, hey (work it out) baby need a parachute, yeah (work it out)
Turned it all over to Jesus (work it out) Hey yeah! (Work it out)
Hey, good God almighty, how many of y'all know that he worked it out? (Yeah)
Choir help me (worked it out) hey, he done already did it (for you-ooh-ooh)

Then Rufus goes to his office and answers his phone
Put his hand over the speaker told his assistant "I need to be alone" (work it out)
He watches her as she leaves the room (for you-ooh-ooh)
[Reverend MJE:] Said I got the rest of the church is open, Pimp Lucus come on down, hallelujah! "
She close the door, and he says "Chuck"
(Song changes back from beginning)
Then Chuck says "Rufus! "
And then they talk at the same time then Rufus says "Chuck you go first"
"Rufus I been try'na get in touch with you, I'm blowing up your phone"
Then Rufus says "I had a lot of things to do around the church Chuck tell me what's wrong? "
"What's wrong, what's wrong, I'll tell you what's wrong, Rufus I'm missing you"
"Chuck calm down, I miss you too"
"How come you haven't called me? " "All because I been busy"
"Ooh that is a lie" "Chuck I'm telling the truth" "bullsh*t Rufus that is not the real excuse
It's her" "Chuck wait a minute—" "It's her ain't it"
"Chuck listen to me, now you know and I know that Cathy is my wife
I mean, you knew that I had another life"
"Yeah that's true, sure I knew and we bout to keep it between us too
All of the hotels and things we do, how we told each other I love you" "Chuck"
"And you told me I was your dream come true" "Chuck"
"And now you're throwing your wife at my face wouldn't saying that sh*t when I was f*cking you! " "Chuck not on the phone"
Cathy walks in to let Rufus know she's back
Rufus pause for a minute and then says "Chuck I'll call you back"
He hangs up and then Cathy says "baby who were you talking too? "
He didn't know he pushed speaker phone Chuck cries out "RUFUS I NEED YOU! "
Cathy starts snapping then Chuck starts snapping
Then Rufus tries to calm him down, Cathy took in the phone and throwing it around
Then Rufus says "Cathy go" she says "oh you putting me out your office?
All the sh*t we just went through Rufus" "Cathy go back in church I got this"
Cathy leaves out; Rufus gets right back on the phone and says "Chuck let me come see ya"
Chuck says "no" then Rufus says "we gotta talk" Chucks says "Rufus don't let me goooooooooooo"
He cries, but Rufus he ain't feeling it
But Chuck is steady going on and crying ("Rufus I really love you don't let me go") but he ain't feeling it
He's talking, coffing, cursing and screaming and crying
Then Rufus says "Chuck, this is gonna be hard" "Rufus" "but I love my wife" "Rufus" "Besides I'm a man of God"
"Rufus! " Chuck says "Rufus I'm not gonna expect that, I'm going straight to the news! "
Then Rufus says "Chuck, slow down you don't know what'cha saying you're confused! Rufus says "let come see ya! "
Chuck says "NO! " Rufus says "WHY!? "
[Coughs] "Cause I'm in the hospital"

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