R. Kelly

"I Mean (I Don’t Mean It)"

Yeah, like I was saying
I ain't, ya know what
I'm not trying to say things to hurt you
You know what I'm saying
I don't wanna hurt you, baby
Just sometimes you do things
That push me to say things I don't wanna say
You know what I'm saying?
You know I love you
You know I care about you
This time, you just brought it on yourself
Yo, check it out

[Verse 1]
Now I shoulda been more man
About the way things went down
Especially since we been dealing
For like seven years now
I've been slowly, slowly bringing you down
No conversation, no good sex in a while
But still you search and find a way
To love me somehow
Even though I ride, you still trust me somehow
Got my faces, some ice and a tie
Slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly going down
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