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​j. amasula

"“mild pelican sauce”"

[Intro: YOSHUA]
Bump, aye
I got the sub in the trunk, aye
I'm having fun, aye
Step back and serve, I'm the one, aye
I got the jump, aye
Hit up an opp and I run, aye
Sit in the sun, aye
All my words hit like a gun, aye

[Bridge: Baby-D]
That's what I could be, not what I am

[Verse 1: YOSHUA]
I think I'm more than a rapper
I do the abracadabra
I hit the notes like I'm Sampha
Shaking my head like it's dandruff
You're not important at all, that's what the figures would say
I got the new jack swag, hit it like I'm Kid n' Play
Country boy, I'm Billy Ray
I got the sauce, no Szechuan
I see Coriolis like Ekman
Write me in, I'll control the election
I do this rap for my brethren, really it's more for myself
I don't have features for help, nobody listen oh well
That's more for me, hundred digits on the board like I'm Pusha T
Mild flame spitting, pre-heat 300 degrees
On the seas, on the fleece, own a lease, on the beach, like
I'm chilling, that Gucci fur so appealing
Ain't got bread for the butter so I spread it 'til I get enough
Keep the water in my cup, too

[Interlude: Baby-D]
I'm really just saying, like
People are crazy
They all got their own things going on, so
Don't get mad, they deal with a lot
Of course you could cut them off, but that's kinda hard

[Verse 2: YOSHUA]
I hopped on the Metro, onto the next stop, I'm off at Central
Kick it to Pershing, looking both ways but get hit by a rental
Man I'm okay, stuck in a dream that took place in the day
Sat with a girl on my lap and we sipping some red Cabernet
Uh, you see I'm rocking mild, you see I'm golden child
Swear I'm a boss, I'm more fit than Rick Ross
I don't look at the floss (ok, ok, ok)
Y'all want some beef from me? I'm sorry, I ain't have no barbecue
Je m'appelle ICON, oh attendez, excusez-moi, parlez vous?

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