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​j. amasula


[Verse 1]
Aye, you see
This a celebration
Made it out of really sketchy situations
Racing with the thoughts running through my mental
I been patient, watching trees grow from sprouts into giants
Just waiting for my own growth, I don't know
And I'm bracing for impact, bracing for impact, uh
I'm just out here bracing for impact
Unfair, got me grasping for wishing bones, but
Life's more melodical than semi-tones
I sent up some prayers, haven't heard back yet
Fell on my knees, and got blood on my new jacket
I'm so super cynical, and I'm way too critical of
My personal physical, neglecting on my spiritual
But we can't all be perfect people, can we?
Wanna live like Jesus and do right beside my family
But it's a lot more simple to live in the world so dandy
Damn, I miss when I had more drive than a Camry
Back when I had more jive than a caddy
I miss back when I had more strive than my granny
That was way back, that was way back
And I never wore a wave cap, plus I stayed strapped
With a number 2 pencil, haha
Now I'm so apprehensive, yeah
Guess I got some things to figure out all on my own still
Can't call myself a man if I can't make myself my own meal, yup

[Verse 2]
I like to think I work enough to earn my money
I like to think I know how to be pretty funny (heh)
But I don't, and I know it's a joke
And my life is a boat, trying hard just to float
And not sink, like what I do whenever there's a problem
Troubleshooting issues, but now I could never solve 'em
Feeling foggy since the f*cking first day of the autumn
Trying not to sink, but at this point you'd better call it, yup
Hello officer, don't be the one to lock me up
I'm sitting at the bottom and I think I got insomnia
I'm getting nauseous, looking greener than a zamia

This sh*t is a celebration, can't believe we really made it
I been floating in the clouds just chilling with my day one
Sitting 'round the block from her, just hoping that she'd say some'
This sh*t is a flex, you know I'm on my way up
Elevator to the tippy top, man I don't say much
But actions speak much louder than any speech they could dish out
I turned this to reality, this isn't just a wish now
This isn't just a dream that I could chase forever
Never get much closer to it
Halfway to the finish line, I'm close to coming over to her
Hype flight in the rearview at the present moment
I'm almost on the way I'm almost coming home, man
It's been an awful summer, yeah

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