Nick Cannon

"Phuckin’ Awesome"

[Verse 1:]
That’s my weird friend Frank right there
My black friend Eddie yea he lives upstairs
His girlfriend Gurt she’s twerking on the chair
Friends are a virtue I got em all here
Got a gay friend who lives in Rusida
Last name Jenkins first name Peta
Think that’s ironic no me neither
But his t-shirt says I love divas
Friend [?}] smoke alot of chiba
Politically correct yea cronic [?]
Then there’s Evalisa believes she a diva
These are my friends and I’ll never ever leave em
I need em

[Chorus 1:]
Dude you’re me bro ohh, no matter where you go
I’m right here if you need me, if you need me
If you need me, oh i’m right here

[Chorus 2:]
He’s cool and she’s cool
Cool with everybody in the party
Cause we’re phuckin awesome
We’re phuckin awesome
Oh we’re phuckin awesome
Yea, yea, yea, yea
We’re phuckin awesome (repeat x2)
f**king awesome, awesome [x4]
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