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Nick Cannon

"Divorce Papers (Freestyle)"

Uhh, guess I got to talk about it
Yea, alright

Divorce papers, my lawyer said "don't say sh*t"
Goldman gon' be mad, Nina gon' be heated
They havin' private meetings saying "Nick is going crazy"
He out here wearing turbans, next he tryna battle Jay Z
Haters in my comments sayin' "Eminem the greatest"
sh*t, I agree - where he at, doe?
I'm a fan yo, but first and foremost
I'm a man though, that 2010 bullsh*t
n*gga been let that go, Stan flow
"Dear Slim, I wrote you but you still ain't call
Tea's goin' cold, the writing's on the wall"
But dog, there's certain sh*t I can't stand for
So all the Stans gotta understand though, damn
Em, right now I could really relate to him
Drug habits, all the pain that he was in
Seein' foul sh*t when you don't know
Where your baby mama been
Ironically, I felt the same way about a chick named Kim
Since we got a lot in common
Maybe he could recommend some rehab for me
'Member when the fan's was glad for me
Now they wanna bag, talk sh*t, and dab on me
They don't realize my pop just died, damn, homie
This my real life, I almost died twice myself
But f*ck my health, y'all felt I kept this sh*t held up
Over some motherf*cking alimony?
Now who phony?
When y'all need help, y'all call me
When I need help, y'all call TMZ
Y'all believe everything that y'all see
Maaan, even the n*ggas who can't read
Hate is a disease
And now I'm in the streets tryna make this track the vaccine
My Dad said next time that I need to find a black queen
He don't understand that she was already that
I feel trapped, queen - where Fetty at?
Cause right now, I could really use some rémy
And I don't even drink, but this truth serum's in me
When Drake was Jimmy, mill-i-ons I had twenty
Older women I had plenty, but from the outside
Y'all thought I was just silly
I first tried to holla when Usher was with Chilli
We could've made a killin'!
If Kanye feel like Pablo, I feel like Ike
Turn up? I just might
When the world hate you because of what she sing about
I should've listened to y'all tips - bring 'em out
What happened to the rings? Did she fling 'em out?
Do she trip when she see me with a new 'ting around?
We single now, but we really need to think about
Is how a child deals, how a child feels
Because we got two and they brilliant for real
Resilient for real
My daughter said "Daddy why yo' eyes in tears?"
"Because the last time I dropped you and your brother off
I didn't get a call next day and it felt like years
And I'ma be honest sometimes I hate to hear
Y'all on the other line havin' fun without me"
I wonder if my son will ever doubt me
Cause what the press write about me
I done lost faith in everybody
What's love? I don't care about it
I just want my kids to be safe, there you got it
Now y'all happy? Hope she happy. Know she happy
Paparazzi snappin', f*ck 'em all cause they see my sadness
And just walk it off, I guess I'm the dog
That caused it all, it's what the rags wrote
Y'all never know, cause I'll never talk
If I speak, only spiritual gifts about my dream girl
Was blessed to make miracles with
And I'ma lay it on thick, like that miracle chick
Watt's up, shots out to the southeast Nick
Whether poetry or Wild 'N Out my mouthpiece sick
And I'm about to spit it out, like Steph in the clutch
Been a warrior with mine
You n*ggas just wasn't steppin' it up
You boys was too cavalier, Kevin Lovin' it up
And now I can't see my kids cause the government suck
Republicans cheer when the black families split up
Before? "No child support,"black daddy good luck!"
Roc' shaking me awake, like "Daddy get up!
Are you woke? Are you woke?
Are you broke? Are you broke?
I don't know, either way, Daddy we gotta go!"
It's been over two years and I'm the one that's been waitin'
It's f*cked up that the time that you spend with your own kids
Is called "visitation"
Man, f*ck it let's sign these papers
[throws headphones]

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