Nick Cannon

"Baby on the Way"

[Intro: Nick Cannon]
Ayo K, it's a lot of conversation out there
So let's get to it
Gospel of Ike Turn Up

[Hook: K Michelle]
So I'm havin' your baby
And it means so much to me
There's nothing more precious
Than to raise a family, yeah
I wonder what your ex gon' say
When she find out you got a baby on the way
I wonder what my ex gon' say
When he find out you got this baby on the way

[Verse 1: Nick Cannon]
Uh oh, what we gon' do?
My baby mama don't know about you
But I love you, I love you
Ever since we met in 2002
Yeah you had a dude and I was hella rude
Jiggilo sh*t and Ike Turner, Malibu
But now you into me and I'm so happy
'Bout to have a lil baby with my last name

[Pre-Hook: Nick Cannon]
Feds came round, sex is unprotected
Now we got a baby in a baby carriage
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