Nick Cannon

"Dream Girl"

[Intro: Christopher Williams sample]
Don't wake me, I’m dreaming

[Verse 1: Nick Cannon]
Tell the b*t*h now I don't wanna get up
Ain't over my ex yet, never
Still think about her everytime I get her
Paparazzi always asks me why I left her
That's none of your motherf**kin' business
These n***as out here can’t help us
Undercover dream lovers, that been us
Got me smokin' them fumes at Jenna's
Had to tell that young, b*t*h, shut up
'Cause I'm still thinkin' 'bout Keisha
And she still trippin' off Tina
And I'm tryna turn up in Ibiza
And I ain’t wanna leave for a Lisa
But you gave me so many f**kin' reasons
Got the whole world thinkin' I'm a cheater
Got the whole world thinkin' I'm a cheater

[Chorus: Jeremih]
Oh, woah, I still dream about you, baby
(I still dream about you, baby)
And it's something how you hate me
(and it's something how you hate me)
Pretending I don’t give a f**k lately
(pretending I don't give a f**k)
Who you sleeping on if it ain’t me? (woo)
You're my dream girl (woo)
Don’t wake me up
Don’t wake me, don’t you wake me up
My dream girl
Yeah, yeah, yeah
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