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Nick Cannon

"Genius Freestyle 015"

Yeah Ike Turn Up
AKA Lord Incredible Almighty
Or just call me General Cornball Wallace
Cause my wallets a problem
Cause it's f*cking up my posture
Cause my dollars is taller
But y’all n*ggas don't see that
All y’all see is a n*gga paraplegic
I can't stand seeing n*ggas get defeated
When they see another n*gga eatin
Please be seated
Yo Rob come and mark these mans and let ‘em know they in the presence of a real genius
I mean this
Shoot, my kingdom reigns supreme over demons
I'm a leader
That's no secret
I’m Victorious
n*gga ask Selita
Or Adriana Lima
Like 4:55 I’ma lean ya
A Ethiopian God speaking Amarinya
But you haters in my comments tweakin like I ain’t spittin’ ether
Talking ‘bout
I didn’t know Nick Cannon was this hot
Ya n*gga me either
So you twats keep tweeting
I got your block fiending
I got n*ggas leaking
Heroin flow, lethal injection
And my words got you bleedin’
Type 2 diabetes
You n*ggas is sugar and the Cannon’s unsweetened
Call me bitter, how you spitting for no reason?
The Chairman's achieving
The comedy corny n*gga that have your parents grieving
But don't compare me to Jesus
Because if i walk on water
Haters'll claim I can't swim
I’m a genius

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