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Nick Cannon

"Real Problems"

Real Problems

196 countries in the world and

I bet you think ours is the best

Real Problems

If your answer is yes

then I guess you don’t regret

the NPT Treaty and all the nuclear tests

Real Problems

You probably more focused on Trump

and all his White House guests

Real Problems

What’s in his cabinet?

But have you ever seen a real China set?

Better yet better learn to speak Mandarin

Because China is set

Real Problems

Ready to get and grab that pus*y-I mean check

Real Problems

Offshore accounts and hispaniola

But you still talking about elections recounts

supposed to be woke

because you know a little spoken word

dispose, while the rest of world is opposed

We are at war with the poor

Real Problems

Lack of agriculture and clam-based thinking

Modern day slavery

Mass incarceration

Eugenics and planned population

Masterminded by Abraham Lincoln

Real Problems

Just rearrange the slaves and

Sell them hope and a white God

and they’ll do all our jobs

Real Problems

Philosophy or Religiosity

Do as I say for I Am the Lord

But don’t copy me

Real Problems

Religion plus mind control

Ain’t no stopping me

Real Problems

The world’s poorest countries full of

100% believers

But in the most richest countries

The Most High are the achievers

Real Problems

People living in caves

Sex slaves

Child molestation

Unspiritual rituals

Is this sh*t even getting to you?

Real Problems

Demonic Days

Haiti’s and Haiti

Reaganomics since the ’80s

Real Problems

But y’all still all in squalor

Hollering over Obamacare

But do your Mama care?

Real Problems

More poor deaths than Syria

Before I’m pouring my cereal

Real Problems

Famine in the Motherland

But in Chicago I’m shooting at my brother man

Real Problems

The Ukraine claim their government is out of line

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Real Problems

The guns in Israel and Palestine

Killed a 100 time more kids than Columbine

Real Problems

Native Americans and pipelines

Real Problems

Peace treaties I didn’t write mines

It was at a time when the white man was not in his right mind

Real Problems

Reparations and acres seem like it was ages ago

Get over it like bridges over troubled water

But my people in Flint today still need clean water

Real Problems

New World Order

It’s controlled by what you order

at McDonalds, dollar menu, biodegradable cups

f*cked up, they charging me for free water

Real Problems

My cell phone is water-proof

But my World Wide Web and my internet

Can’t get wet

Real Problems

Not which candidate reigns

But can you stand the acid rain?

Real Problems

Selling hope but ignoring climate change

Real problems

When the global economy collapses finally

will the highest status finally admit

that not all lives matter

Real Problems

When the Russians release the data

do we really care about all the hacking

or do we just want all the likes on Facebook and Instagram status

Real Problems

800 million people ago hungry in the world everyday

Real Problems

People being stoned to death because they’re gay

Real Problems

6 million deaths in China because of air pollution

But we making that paper

So who cares about a solution

Real Problems

HIV was created by Man

And if they haven’t told you

They about to drop a new strand

That even Magic can’t defend

Hocus Pocus, don’t focus on the

Real Problems

20 of my brother and sisters murdered in Somalia

by a suicide bomber on Any Given Sunday

But we get mad because Tom Brady can’t play

Or don’t agree with Kaepernick’s way of

expressing his freedom of speech

that the women of Mozambique had anyway

Real Problems

My family in Uganda still starving

Real Problems

The world’s most mineral rich lands

The Republic of Congo beefing with Rwanda

Over coltan

Real Problems

That’s the sh*t that make your

cell phone program

Real Problems

We are programmed to think we have no land

Real Problems

Skull and Crossbones leaders will

NEVER let us forget that they beat us

A game of chess won by the elitist

Real Problems

Might is right

The winners rewrite history

Real Problems

Institutional power get stronger by the hour

While we get happy because they

legalize sour

Now they taxing a plant that

was already ours

Real Problems

Did we go to war for Business?

or go into business for war?

So far ago Mesopotamia

Sumah versus Allam

Christianity versus Islam

For 30 years

Battle of Breitenfeld

Romans versus the Persians

Serbians versus the Turkish

History making us nervous

1679 French and the Spanish

Haitians versus Dominicans

Caucasians and the African Americans

Jewish versus the Samaritans

Herbert versus Arabic

Got everybody scared as sh*t

Real Problems

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