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Nick Cannon


[Nick Cannon]
Black Squad, come out and play

[Charlie Clips]
Yo, yo

[Verse 1: Charlie Clips]
Black Squad, the best squad, no need to repeat it
Don't make me call my killa up, my hitman is conceited
He be wildin' out, whether he's sober or weeded
And he bring the cannon for me whenever I need it, facts
So break fast before I grip that can of biscuit
If you around when I shoot, then gotta jam the witness
What you movin'? Pounds? Ounces? Your grams is vicious?
n*gga please, your weight cheap, like Planet Fitness, ha
Matter of fact, let's switch the topic
These n*ggas talk about five O's but never cop it
Wait, you caught that, 5-0 but never cop it
Damn, my whole team blackin' out, we goin' gothic
Your baby moms loves my name, she hear the gossip
She treat me like a floor with a janitor, gotta mop it
No matter what you do my n*gga, she can't stop it
Like the kid's game, she twist, pull it, and bop it
She slow motioned on a n*gga since a juvenile
That's why I'm drillin' in her mouth, like a root canal
Forgot my next line, I feel stupid now

[Interlude: Nick Cannon & Charlie Clips]
My six sing, New Edition, n*gga cool it now
Chill Nick, you ain't even gotta do 'em foul
Let me do the shootin', 'cause you shootin' movies now

[Verse 2: Nick Cannon]
[?] Mo' b*tches
Your girl coochie (mmm) delicious
He bought a deuce-deuce and think he good
f*ck outta here, our guns big as Suge
Had to take over Hollywood, and not a hood
Sayin' I look like a genie, wish a n*gga would
Call your b*tch Ms. Bobsled, how she pushin' wood
She got that bomb head and that pus*y good
That's what Con' said, I'll never f*ck that bomb b*tch
See your window, all his hoes go to my do'
And if they ugly, f*ck off my flow
Is it really just the haters that's all in your ear?
Or could it be my diamonds as flawless and clear?
That pus*y was a day, I had an incredible year
(Get it? That pus*y was a day? n*gga thats 365 b*tches n*gga! And an extra b*tch on leap year! Ayo, Con', you ain't f*ckin' with me)

[Verse 3: Conceited]
It must be the cash that I carry in the bag
Big green faces, Jim Carrey in a mask
And these other rappers all are spittin' sloppy
They thinking they on fire, Imma call them Ricky Bobby (I'm on fire!)
I'm in ya lobby, gon' let the pump blam
Bucks jam, cans on my waist like Duffman
You goin' to the coroner, that's the cut man
When I come with the sweeper like a dustpan
You'll get a suntan talkin all the crap, I'm strapped
The bear will be on your hat, that's a Cub's fan
Like the Jumpman, I got her with her legs open
Kill her knees when I blaze it now that's Greg Oden
That's a lie if you thinkin' that I'm packin' knives
Got the big nose in my jeans like the Jackson 5
Hey Nick, that was a good punch line
But your girl let me bang with the stick, Drumline
(You're salty)

[Interlude: Nick Cannon]
Alright, enough with the jokes, we real serious we bringing that heavy artillery, y'all know his name, all the way from St. Louis, Hitman Holla!

[Verse 4: Hitman Holla]
Livin' life, bust down Rollie, drippin' ice
Don't trust a soul, I'm rhin' grippin' the Smith n' tight
Main b*tch bad, my side piece, pimpin' nice
We ain't the same, I'm cut different, thicker knife
Look, stop the dissin'
I'm not allowed back on Delta, they say I'm fly enough to be the competition
Listen closely, if I said it I mean it
I'm skatin' around with all this ice, like I play for the Penguins
Your girl love me, every night she lay with my p*nis
She get me hard as concrete, then she play with my semen, genius
Look, my mind on another level
My flow deep to dig it, you'll need a couple shovels
They gon' feel mine, gettin' money is my real sign, I might fly to London just to kill time
Black Squad, we the new don clique
Between me, Con', and Clips, your chick got hit
I ain't mention Nick because that chance 100%
I would put you on gang but I got money to get
Black Squad

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