Nick Cannon

"Wild ’N Out"

Between you and me there is this something different
I'm a native to this hip-hop, you just an immigrant
But you're too young to recognize your significance
That's why we are the born leaders, but you messed with the 10%

[Cappadonna, 1st Verse]
Yo, Yo
Sucka MC's better run for shelter
When I hit you on the face your friends all felt it
Yo, you just a wack MC, trying to get on stage and battle an OG
I'm Staten Island's best son f**k what you heard
With those glasses on you look like a nerd

[Cappadonna, 2nd Verse]
Yo, n***as like you get no respect
I chop your head off and I sh*t down your neck
And any of your team wanna get on the set
Me an my n***a come with a death threat
So what, you best acquit right now
Cause y'all motherf**kers can't milk this cow
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