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Nick Cannon

"Make Em Say"

[Verse 1: Charlie Clips]
You suited and get tied up, n*gga stay out my business
Mess with ours, you gettin' your head shot in a minute
Times Square, born and raised, 142nd and Lennox
This the place where the beef between Cam and Ma$e never finished
Yeah, that old Harlem, yeah that old Dipset
Your baby moms feelin' all freaky, I got her lips wet
Don't make me go in Jones with the blood, I'm talkin' big set
Your jewels get snatched on cam, they like the grip text
My little brother woke me up and said he want an Audemar
Call me like Maryland 'cause sh*t I walked in and bought 'em all
You ain't gettin' chicken? what you always talkin' foreigns for?
Little ass nuggets n*gga, what's that a four for four?
Wendys ass n*gga, McDonalds slash Friendlys ass n*gga
IHOP slash Dennys ass n*gga
Brought slippers 'cause you can't afford no pennys ass n*gga
Weight loss, pockets lookin' all skinny ass n*gga

[Verse 2: Hitman Holla]
Man a lot of n*ggas mad at Holla, and I know why
Because I go right at they necks n*gga, bow tie
I'm somethin' like that Wild'n Out gang boy, I'm so fly
My new b*tch Hawaiian, when you speak, say aloha
My man don't like you, neither do me, no lie
Just the way in life, and those the rules that I go by
He ain't tough, them drugs talkin', that n*gga so high
Your girlfriend straight with you, with me I bet she go bi
Cable, n*ggas think I'm sweet on the screen
I jump out of that TV, I'm like that b*tch from The Ring
So many straps, lesbians try to skip on my team
Money moves, won't slow down if you slip me some lean
Mean, I hit all 'em, pass 'em off, I Chris Paul 'em
All red, but my homie a crip walker
sh*t talker, bark on 'em, big dog 'em
Big baller, sh*t I can be LaMelo father

[Verse 3: Conceited]
Y'all trippin', okay I see y'all n*ggas b*tchin'
I slide the clip in, like Boonk I'll get to quickly spittin'
Y'all always act like y'all got it, I never see the chicken
I know y'all joint is the lowest, I call y'all Peter Griffin
My team is winnin', you know my loot is higher
Pockets so deep, my accountant is a scuba diver
Now who is flyer? look at the wrist though
The price of the chain lookin' like a zip code
She a nympho, gas her like we at Citgo
She'll tit show and go right inside of the six-four
Ain't nothin' to see after me, b*tch I'm the big show
But you can see me on TV wildin' with Nick though
Okay though, you say the price, I bet I pay though
I got that eight-oh, a body on it like it's J-Lo
Black Squad is a hundred, that's what we make today though
That's all we do, in that sour cream like a baked potato
Ayy yo, what you got in pockets?
Flash your cash around me, you know you gotta stop it
My trigger finger really itchy, know I gotta pop it
And then I skate off with the trey like I met Johnny Rocket

[Interlude: Nick Cannon]
Yo, yo, yo, hold the f*ck on man
I need that hard No Limit sh*t
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
f*ck them other n*ggas, Black Squad them my n*ggas
Yeah, okay, we 'bout to work
f*ck them other n*ggas, Black Squad them my n*ggas
Ride for my n*ggas, I'll die for my n*ggas

[Verse 4: Nick Cannon]
Yo I'm down for Ncredible, ridin' for the cause
So many b*tches on my di*k, it's reservations on my balls
And if anybody f*ck with any of my broads
Just let them n*ggas know she still reppin' for the squad
f*ck her when I want then send her back to y'all
Now you all on Instagram, pictures on the wall
Dog you kissin' in the face, n*gga how my di*k taste?
Know you hate the way I passed her, I'm the new Ma$e
With the old Diddy Bop and the smooth Harlem Shake
Pretty boy smile with the ooh baby face
The way the whip appear, don't let that fly sh*t fool you
I got the type of fire that'll fly straight through you
Side to side, you gon' die together, two of you
Have you pushin' up petunias like I never knew you
Put you on the news like a tornado movement
Warning, call your mother six in the morning
Get a black dress, she finna be mourning
Fixing your body, visiting the mourge and
Praising the lord and discovering your organs
I'm divorced now, free man like Morgan
So f*ck them other b*tches, I need some more b*tches
f*ck them other b*tches, I need some more b*tches
f*ck them other b*tches, I need some more b*tches
I'd ride for my b*tches, I'd die for my b*tches, yup

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