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Nick Cannon

"Famous Remix"

[Verse 1: J-brown]
Let's get it started, let me see your cup
Let me see your drink ya we ain't got to think
We taking all our worries and we flush em' down the sink
When I look around all I see is pink
When I'm in the club you call me DJ
Techno and dubstep that's what we play
In my club we don't even serve beer
Hardcore liquor impossible to steer
And we keep on going going goin' goin' on
Wake up in the morning we are so gone
Party every day. Party every night
Tired of the city so I'm taking a flight
To another planet to another place
It doesn't matter where we are so I'm kicking up the bass
Walking in with a girl on each arm
So many b*tches like I breed em' on a farm

[Verse 2: J-brown]
And we keep going and we never ever ever stop
Pull up in the car flipping off the cops
It's all right we ain't gonna freak
So f*cked up I can't even speak
Get a little dull get a little bleak
No way bro it's a never ending peak
Party so hard you might pass out
It's all good I got a pull out couch
Chillin' in my room light a fat joint
Even when I'm old no longer on point
Don't know where I am got Alzheimers
Don't know my own name still a sick rhymer
But I'm seventeen
Still a prime timer. Starting Lineup I think so
Player number one in the first row
Heard about me know I'm putting on a show

[Verse 3: J- brown]
Been through alot and I'm only seventeen
Far from the average like I know what that means
Means I got years and years left to party
Think about the future ya too hardy
When we get bored, fed up with the club
Bring a girl home give a little love
When it's all done send the b*tch home
I can be a di*k I hope my cover isn't blown

[Interlude J-Brown]
Oh sh*t
Oh sh*t
Alright, My Boy OD is comin' in on this track
Yo OD you ready?

[Verse 4: OD]
Yo I'm ready
I'm kinda f*cked up you feel me
Wait [x3]. You want me to spit right now?
Hold on [x3] I think I got somethin'. Hold on
Lemme grab my Iphone
Here we go

[Verse 3: OD]
Got my heart pumping like the bass
Take straight shots don't like to chase
Hit the sh*t once got me in space
Hit the sh*t twice memory erased
I ain't Lil' B but a n*gga so based
The sh*t that I'm drinkin' got me fallin on my face
I think my girl is hookin' up with a chick
And I'm not really sure who is on my di*k
Shots, shots to the f*cking dome
Drunk as f*ck don't know how I'm getting home
OD on the track f*cking up the beat
Play it real loud so the neighbors can't sleep

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