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Nick Cannon

"More Money Than Jay Z"

You don't wanna talk that money sh*t
We gon' upset some people with this one

[Verse 1]
More money than Jay Z
No disrespect, but I ain't "Roc-ing" sh*t
And OAG wonder managed me
Tell 'em cut the check
Matter fact, n*gga, cut the debt
That's like if your ace of spades tried to buy Moet
Your taste ain't expensive and you know it
It ain't taste that different and you know that
It's vintage, old school with the pimpin'
Women, only thing that's rented
Them young boys couldn't move in my linen
Them wrinkled old heads, they get the picture
Pop by, you better get your spinach
Blew though, getting knocked for your b*tches
CV watch, got your moves from soul train
What I do? Went and bought the soul train
Ain't no thang from here to Spokane
I'm Nicky Barnes before there was cocaine
Pee Wee Kirkland, shooting in two games
I'm [God Fischer?], telling the truth mane
I'm about to buy the Apollo and give it a new name
Do it for Harlem
Shaking all these n*ggas like [Macy's] hoop game
No subliminals, I said your crew name
Broke n*ggas, I'm talking to you mane
No killer, but the cannon is Hussain
I rack, I ran, I run it
If you want a n*gga put up a hunnit
Not a grand, I brought some dough with me
Gee, you in it, no 50
I get money, money I got
Ask Wayne, a milli a pop
Ask Puff, I'm finally making 'em stop
Diddy money, my pockets making 'em woop
A king stunna, Jamaican that guap
Cayman Islands, we making it stop
Stash the cash, K's in the block
Yall mad, cause Drake is on top
When I created Wild N' Out
He was on my network making wheelchair stops
Ha, I do this sh*t for fun
And yall better update your website
I was worth 20 mil when I was only 21

[Hook (x3)]
More money than Jay Z

[Verse 2]
Got real money, Double XL money
f*ck a Forbes n*gga, black dollars, ill money
You ain't gotta count it mommy, it's all [air] money
You babysitting paper, call it day care money
Funny? They ain't even near money
Yeah, you dress like Jay but where your Rocawear money?
Diamonds in your chain, I don't care money
Cause I bought the jewelry store, you can get it here money
Fashion rocky socks, A$AP red money
My diamond shoes dancing, Fred Astaire money
n*ggas can't say nothing, mean mug stare money
Get the f*ck outta here, you can't compare money
You got that "I get paid next week when my peeps get their money
On a [?], I swear" money
You reality broke, TV repair money
Go on VH1 and end your career money
I'm not joking, I'm bouta sell Nickelodeon
Yeah, that's that double dare money
You a Spongebob n*gga, square money
Wanna be like Jordan, I'm Nike Air money
First round draft pick, player money
A b*tch never told me no, [?] money
Yeah money


I see all yall rap n*ggas out there
And your little videos
Your rented Bugattis
Throwing stacks of money at women
Where's your intellectual properties?
What's your R.O.I?
That's return on investment, dumb n*gga
What you gon' do after rap?
What you say Jay?
(You gotta respect that)

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