Nick Cannon


[Intro: Nick Cannon]
I feel like I’m famous
You don’t need no money
You don’t need no talent
You don’t need no furs
You don’t need no diamonds
You don’t need no girls
You don’t need no cars
When the beat drop show em you a superstar

[Chorus: Nick Cannon]
Bounce, bounce, like you famous
Jump, jump, like you famous
Shake, shake, like you famous
Dance, dance, like you famous
Drink, drink, like you famous
f**k, f**k, like you famous
Pose, pose, like you famous
Hold up, b*t*h I'm famous

[Verse 1: Akon]
Just looking at you, I can see a star
Gotta tell you girl I’m impressed ‘bout how you are
Everything is lining up perfect with no flaw
The only thing you need is someone like me involved
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