DJ Screw
I Got 5 on It Freestyle
Maaan, it's crunk up in here
Got that Keke and that Screw
That Big Hawk
We just fin' to wreck up in this
We got 5 on it

I'm stuck in this world, I'm thinking about my paper fool
Cus hustlers know the paper rules
Thinking about the sh*t I seen before my eyes
And all the players clocking G's, stacking keys aside
But now it's time for me to slip on the ave, got my big gat
Got my bourbon on slab, the bullet (?)
Have them hoes, fiends, with a Glock and a G
I got five on it, won't you come smoke with me?
Crunk for the '95 to the '96
The drop top 400, (?) yeah b*t*h?
Young in the game, I'm never gonna change
As long as my flows (?), I'mma swang
For my neighborhood, where it's all good
I'm rolling (?) gripping grain on some wood
A point understood, gotta catch a f**king case
That Kay-K in the industry in your face
First to blow up with syrup in my cup
I represent the '96 All Screwed Up

[DJ Screw]
Know'm sayin'?
It's Screw
What's up Kay?
KeKe, Hawk, know'm sayin'?
Late night int he door
It don't stop, know'm sayin'?

So much stress, damn I can't cope
With all the drank and syrup and blowing killa smoke
Staying on my hustle, each and every day
Me and (?) that's the only way
To survive as a young black youth
I done Screwed Up the whole rap industry
Screwed Up Click, coming in '96
And all you jealous player haters, y'all can eat a d**k
Cus it don't stop, and you know I'm stayin' down
Representing the south side of the H-Town
Putting in work all day, it ain't no joke
I'm about a drank, Kay go and buy the smoke
Now I'm 6 deep in the bourbon, steady flippin'
N***a we some players, we ain't set trippin'
But I keeps my 9 for them n***as outta line
If it be a murder I ain't scared to do the time
I let the n***a beat it on lock outta state
Man it be a trip how these n***as player hate
But we gon' keep flippin' and you know we high side
Cus the n***a Screw is gonna get nationwide
Say Screw done got big, got his face in The Source
Saying where's the appetizer? So nah, here's the main course
Now I done grabbed the mic so you know it's time to wreck
Got a hold of 5 birds, bout to fly to a (?)
Got a lick up in Asia and Iraq
Stopped off in Florida sold a bird to the Czech
Sipping on a pint so you know I'm in the lean
Got my last check, so I sold it to a (?)
Made major moves didn't have no ha**le
Now I'm back in my jet, flipping to my castle
That's the way it is, the way I want it to be
Those were my dreams, now here's reality
Born as a hustler since my first day of birth
Struggling in this game trying to get what it's worth
Now that I'm older I done really got wise
Love for my homies, and these hoes I despise
Bell Biv Devoe and that boy Michael (?)
How you n***as learn from the b*t*h (?)
Hoes 'bout a n***a, playa with a little money
Pu**y was the scent to make him act funny
Turn against your friends, make her really act fraud
Now she's tipping his slab down the boulevard
Now the moral of the story: always stay a G
Never get took by a piece of pu**y
Now I keep selling birds, travelling foreign places
And I keep stacking dead presidents' faces
Now I'm a (?) to the motherf**king bay(?)
It's another lesson from the H.A.W.K
[Lil' KeKe]
Maaan, it's real in here, know'm talkin' bout?
Lil' KeKe, You boys showing skills
Screwed Up Click '96, know'm talkin' bout?

Summer rising red, hair line receding
Heart steady speeding, ear turn to bleeding
Four corners of the streets, and three of them are shiest
But the last corner is the chapter of my life
The game is a book, I stopped and took a look
And then I figured out I had the skills of a crook
My plan and my wages, turning my pages
Changing my ages, levels and stages
Blood steady pumping through my veins and soul
Smoke coming out my mouth and out of my nose
Stress on my chest, burning me like sess
Selling it for less, really ain't the best
So I drift back to the days of the south
Ounce up in my a** and a quarter in my mouth
Now I realized that the game is more drastic
Drapers in my car but it could be up in my casket
So pay attention, oh did I mention?
The song that we singing is a Screwed Up invention
Rocks up on my wrist, dirt up in my p*ss
Haters in my face, long against my list
Stacking me a bank, sipping on this drank
Getting up on my knees, because the Lord is who I thank
I'm ending this song with a touch of cla**
When I'm on the mic, I shows my naked a**
Thanks for your support, what you would put forth
Pay me my money, or meet me up in court
Get up off my d**k, we left the world sick
This is Lil' KeKe representing the Screwed Up Click