DJ Screw
Trip on the Southside Freestyle
[Hook] x2
Let me take you for a trip to the southside where the OG's ride
F**k hoes, and break bones
And keep a 9mm on they side

[Verse 1]
As I float away, it must be a dream
Off the lean, I go into the Buddha Baby theme
In a world of my own: me, my Buddha, and my afro comb
In my zone, so vibe as I blow the smoke
With something real you can feel 'cus I ain't no joke
It ain't a big (?) saying you know who fool?
You better recognize it's the 3 to the 2
Straight player, and it ain't no simpin' clown
Just keep stacking paper for putting this pimpin' down
Everywhere I go my folks show me love
Blowing ounce after ounce of that chronic bud
Watch yourself, 'cus a player coming through
How many motherf**king hoes will I be running through?
Cus dealing with a player like me, I'm bound to (?)
Every hoe that you know so let me tell what you dealing with


[Verse 2]
Folks better stay ready, strapped at all times
And if you don't know who your enemy is player, you labelled as blind
(?) me out of mind, and (?) 'bout to get hit
F**king with you, jamming that Screw
Tripping and slipping and smoking a dip so I flip with
Some of my folks I know down, who know how to handle hella heat
And cover area without a sound on they side of town
Partner we bound to bag somebody tonight
Let them see the white, up close, murder on sight
Another soul takes flight, I might just lose my mind
If I keep getting busy with the nine, premeditated crime
(?) of mankind, I finally got something to seek
And not to let mad individuals take it from me
Cus we family, mixed thicker than you'd ever know
With my peeps in all kinds of places that you never been before
So next time you talking that nothing from here to Houston to California
I'mma put some pressure on you