DJ Screw
A Screw Track
[DJ Screw]
Screwed Up Click
For life
For life
Pushing for time
Y'all boys gotta feel this
Another Screwed Up Production know what I'm talking about?
For real
Know how we do it on the south
Come on baby
Sh*t, peep game

[Dat Boy Grace]
Roll over, jump up, south side soldier Screwed Up
Pourin', blowin', showing up in foreign luxury, popped up
In my hood a new day, choppers on my torso lets play
Underwater, lean off drank, smoking sweets (?)
That wreck your (?) to the south, shine a light on my click
Underground fame, making hits, time to tell the world 'bout this sh*t
How we do it in Texas; Benz, Beamer, 'Lac, truck or Lexus
Sit on tight white, (?), dripping paint, (?)
Transporting (?), hustling, fulfilling my dreams
Sitting on 20's, smoked out in that bourbon, reclined on leather with screens
As I roll I'm being chose, player hated by foes
Spit street game in my flows, turn baby mama's to hoes

Young black male, fresh out of jail, back on the cut, so what's up
These hoes still recognise my face, but my body's swoll' up
I'm kinda buff, so I'm bucking, f**king and nutting on these freaks
N***as can't compete cus they weak, but I'm back, running them streets
Pee on my d**k and get her pregnant(?), I'm feeling bad and horrible
Drama, billing up d**k like my candy coat or marble
I'm having a squabble with the motherf**king thoughts I'm thinking
I'm blacking out, not blinking
I know my ship can't be sinking
I'm sipping syrup. straight popping pills with my mind thowed off
I'm (?), with my nine, and I'm bout to go off
I'm from the south, where n***as put the game down like OG's
Tore up your hood with ten houses, ten thugs, and seven keys
We got the weed, we got the cheese, and we branging it
It's Wood from the hood, Screw, and all it takes we banging 'em
Rolling with the Screw, the Moe, and that boy Jut
Break these boys off, from the south, hit em in the gut
[Big Moe]
Coming from the southside, a G like me
Gotta feel that G, that M-O to the f**king E
I'm rolling on them blades, I'm sporting 'sace shades
Them haters gotta behave, Big Moe never been no slave
Big Moe from the south side, rolling in my ride
(?), rolling tight, dripping out the pint(?)
I'm rolling foreign car, big cup of barre
It's the Big Moe, I'm looking like a star

[Dat Boy Grace]
Money maker, yellow bone taker, I'm with the real f**king fakers
Smoke weed by the acres, hoes catch vapors, I do the time, f**k them paper
Don't need them folks in my business, when I'm running the streets
Sell it to the geeks, long d**king them freaks, and keeping my high at it's peak
Keep weed in my lungs, Codeine down my throat, jam Screw in rooms filled with smoke
I wreck the mic till that b*t*h broke, just can't cope when I'm on dope
N***a bow down, better yet give it up, sweet fired up, syrup in cup
You tried to test, fell short out of luck, f**king with a n***a that's Screwed Up
So die... 'cus your life has been taken
Too many player points lost, sent you to hell, burn with Satan
Destined to be great, (?), for one thing laws can't take
That's my heart, real til I die, me and Screw got money to make
(?) in the game... on a quest to see mil's
South side soldier in the Screwed Up army sprinkling game you can feel
I been putting my game down in the same town on south side Houston Texas
Where haters try to get me and hit me and stick me for rolling a Lexus
Not knowing it's a rental car, thinking I'm a star, falling off or slipping
While I'm pimping, and whipping, (?)
Ain't the one to talk bad about bustas, I seperate 'em from the hustlers
And I can't forget these bopping tricks and hood rat motherf**kers
Can't trust you, far as I see you, cus you dealing with a player for the set up
Serving up the game, your lane going down the drain, you end up wet up
And I'm fed up, I had it to here with my people down low with the bullsh*t
I ain't racist but I got cases in places where n***as be emptying full clips
I'm (?) in a minute, get in it, when it comes to my partners
With a fully loaded infra-red, and once I see you, know I got you
I pop you and unload, (?) killing (?), and you hoes can't fade me
Ever since I lost my baby, I don't smoke that loc'd out youngster crazy
I'm a young buck with (?), really don't give a f**k about being locked up
And it's f**ked up I (?), I'mma hit the blocks up
Dear God forgive me, for what I did in the past, and the unknown future
I used to be bad as hell but now my work has turned me into a trooper
It's the truth but I ain't bragging, I'm just telling y'all about my lifestyle
As a wild child, in the night owl, on the south side, Glock down