DJ Screw
Sittin’ on Top of the World Freestyle
[Intro: Chris Ward]
[?], do a little somethin'
You sit on top [?]
You know how it be

[Verse 1: Chris Ward]
Well, I'm sittin' on top of the world
Drippin', drape, [?], candy paint with a swirl
Pickin' up boppers, scoopin' [?]
Watch me come down with my wood grain, on choppers
Lookin' real good from my hood, it's understood
This is Lil D and these haters wish they could
Knock me off my game, I'm grippin' on grain
Puttin' haters in they grave [?]
On the mane, I ain't trippin', syrup, I be sippin'
Leanin' on a mothaf**kin' switch while I'm pimpin'
Callin' up these hoes, ridin' on vogues
Lil D actin' bad, foreign clothes
Got Versace, hoes watch me
Watch me come down, [?]
[?] back in the game, I'm grippin' grain
Lil D causin' pain, haters' goin' insane
Now I'm finna look real good
Chris talkin' 'bout grippin' on this wood
You wanna talk down on some mothaf**kin' hater
Or you wanna look good choppin' on some f**kin' gators
Sittin' on top
Had to ride flip-flop, ridin' drip-drop
In the, hit the [?] boulevard
This is Chris Ward and you know I'm from the north
Ridin' to the what, headin' to the cla**ic
Draped like a casket, man, I brought the tragic
Had to hit you up one time, let my top down
My bubble eyes shine, my seats dip, recline
Blades choppin', hoes still boppin'
I'm on the boulevard and you see I'm still shoppin'
'Cause it, it ain't no stoppin', I'm still up
Hit the boulevard, the trunk popped up
And I'm smokin', yeah, you know I'm loc-in'
Hit the boulevard and the weed got me chokin'
But I'm well-relaxed, sittin' sideways on the highways
Ejected high [?], poppin' Friday [?]
Comin' on down in my candy red tart
[?] green, I popped up on the scene
[?] sittin' in the limousine
And I'm still pimpin', people still [?]
Comin' down, yeah, the hoes be peepin'
Lookin' at a n***a, [?]
I done copped clean, squeezin' on the trigger
Big boy chrome to your dome, I represent the Stone
'96 big body, man, what's goin' on?
I'm ridin' far, I'm ridin' long, this sh*t don't stop
I'm ridin' flip-flop and I'm in the drip-drop
Hip-hop what I die for
I might fly for a milli'
And come on down and get in it
Let me wreck [?], I might be bumpin'
Comin' on down on the boulevard thumpin'
Yes, I'm knockin', hoes still jockin'
Doors is unlockin', roof might be poppin'
Up to the top, this sh*t don't stop
Man, what's up? Had to holler at the pop
[?] at the f**kin' shop
Fade a n***a up, cut a little off the top
I'm hollerin' at [?]
I'm hollerin' at the [?]
What's up [?]?

[Verse 2: AD]
Man, hold up, this that n***a AD
Watch me floss [?] state, can't you see?
Player out the south with the bird
Yeah, I come through, dirty two ounce, big cup of syrup
[?] four-deep [?] out the [?]
And I come down and I thought you ho-a** n***as knew
That we gon' show up to show our [?]
It's that AD, who in the hell did you expect it to be?
Out the damn three
Watch me come doors sittin' low in my seat
Backdoor choppin' with the b***ons, yeah, the blades
Yeah, I keep them boppin'-a** hoes in a daze
When I pull up at the light, turnin' lanes
It's that AD on the main, workin' grain
[?] for my partners out the f**kin' [?]
[?] them hatin' n***as, [?] wouldn't wanna do
Yeah, I'm thinkin' 'bout the P.O.E. and the [?]
A n***a come down and I'm feelin' type on the f**kin' floor
Many boys go to fold

[Interlude: Big Floyd]
Uh, man, it's goin' down, know what I'm sayin'?
Boys on the stone
Screw [?] puttin' it down, know what I'm sayin'?
Big Floyd, representin' my mind
Smokin' raspberry
Goin' down like this, know what I'm sayin'?
[Verse 3: Big Floyd]
Say he watch me lay low, never come in high
I'm a real G, stayin' high 'til I die
B-I-G, it's F-L-O-Y-D
Watch me raise up in my drop-top seat
Bouncin' down the boulevard, watch me just roll
Young n***a like to just let the dollars fold
Let 'em all fold, yeah, I'm talkin' green
Talkin' 'bout, in the hood sippin' codeine
That's the Par', you can call it syrup
I'm a young n***a, like to smoke a lot of herb
Watch me go fly on the plane, pound Mary Jane
Me and the Screw [?]
Out the frame, on my name 'cause I'm real
Shinin', gold grill, jumpin' out of jail [?]
On the grind, true south sider
Watch me crawl low on my motherf**kin' spiders
Welcome to the ghetto, it's Third Ward, Texas
Boys choppin' blades on their motherf**kin' Lexus
Boys rollin' b***er, some comin' white
It's that Big Floyd, throwin' trays in the night
See, I'm just crawlin' down the sand, trunk like a band
F**kin' with a [?], we not down with the Klan
Down with Black, it can't be no other
Got a damn stallion and she gon' just smother me a steak
I'm dripped up and draped
A yellow ho in shape, it's Big Floyd on the plate
I'm f**kin' with the Screw and we still goin' slow
Pa** it to [?] 'cause he's never been no ho
I can't even f**k with that
Screw, you wanna do this?
Let me end it
Boys from the stone [?], know what I'm sayin'?
Goin' down, south side, know what I'm sayin'?
Gotta feel this