DJ Screw
Let’s Ride Freestyle
Uh huh. Yeah, know'm saying? You know I gotta stick it in your mind. Sh*t, what?
Well let's ride
Let's ride
Just you and P-A-T getting high
Let's ride, let's ride
Let you and P-A-T getting high

Well I, pull out the candy on a Saturday
It's the P-A-to the-T and I'm full of that hay
I be flipping, I be sliding in my deuce
Riding up the boulevard hitting up on my juice
Hoes be looking, I be getting nakey, starting to wreck it
But the motherf**king plates say Texas, I be checking
Hoes to the left and to the right, I'm a G
The P-A-to the-T, hoes you don't know me
I be the n***a for the 9 to the 5
To the 6, me and Screwdoo will be live
Do my own thang, that's how I do it
Kicking it like the stupid dream, that's true true
Wreck the Texas west coast, so what rock we rock the most
N***as don't know we real go from coast to coast
We be real, diamond on my grill
And I'm the P-A-T baby I'm so for real
I got my nina in my hand ready to spray a jacka
I don't give a damn 'bout the motherf**king crackers
'Cause them hoes hate us, don't want to see me, make it
So the motherf**kers try to take me
To the f**king jail, but I'm straight from the ghetto
Hello? Do you hear me bro?
When I kick my flow
I don't give a damn where I'm from and where I'm sprung
N***a let's ride 'cause this on the one

Let's ride, let's ride, just you and P-A-T getting high

Huh, we gotta do it Houston style, Texas
Gotta wreck it fool, next time I'm coming Lexus
It's '92 and you know the Screw, I was a BG, watching on the TV
With that n***a [?] just the gangster having madness
Couldn't give a damn, grabbed the nina gat, I had to
'Cause the static automatic when I bust 'em
'Cause I was high on the f**king robitussin
It's so f**ked up, dipped off in fry
That's why I jumped in my hoop and now I ride
On to the north because I don't give a damn
Dropped an album last time I heard of 'em man
Trying to jack, trying to make my f**king 'lac
But them damn fools better watch they f**king back
Can't forget them Botany boy who that G?
Snuck up on them boys at the [?] to see
Hit one in the eye, watch that boy cry
Because the boys fooled on that motherf**king fry
Lost out my mind, bake, bake, bake
I'm coming down trunk banging with the earthquake
I don't give a damn, what I body slam
Damn fool, n***a you know how I hang a man
By his f**king neck 'cause I'm from that who?
Southpark Texas n***a, not Hoover blue
Not that f**king red, 'cause I don't give a damn
It's all about that murder man, f**k Uncle Sam
I can't work for the hoe, 'cause he trying to pimp me
Ain't nothing going on 'cause I'm on my blimp G
Just going riding, through the f**king sky
See my name flashing all on the f**king side
F-A-T for the '96 baby jumping in the mix
Got my fix, got my hand on the wood, big 6
On the dice, I'm shooting I take your life
I don't give a damn, murder one, murder twice
'Cause the back door thang, it's the damn fool
I'm with my f**king key baby 'cause that's my tool
You know the golden rule never ever slip
Jumped in the jet, go on let's take a trip
To Atlanta, to act so bad
We at the Freaknik, [?] home in the Jag
Chris coming up, it's looking all good
Blunt in the truck, riding through your neighborhoods
I'm back in the deuce popping up on a trunk
N***a in that oak man, smoking up on the skunk
Riding up on the [?], I'm tearing on that block
That's that [?] man they don't stop
I go and get a dip, them boys got me f**ked
I go around a corner screw up that little chump
And that boy g, it's a solo thang
That's why I'm like the ESG, I swang and bang
So f**king hard, I'm on the boatload
When I'm jumping on the juice, man watch my flow
'Cause I go off n***a, don't give a damn
Talking up on a square man, you know who I am
I'm the G, for the 9 to that 5
I don't give a damn, got the gat in my ride
N***a got me f**ked up, n***a got me so down
N***a don't give a damn, H-Town, gotta clown
Got my .9 in my pocket, weighing at least a gram
What the f**k is going on, drinking a gallon
Of that f**king syrup, I'm that man [?] Pat
I don't give a f**k because we cut and got the gat
N***as steady busting on the marks from the jackas
F**k the f**king feds 'cause I know them hoes actors
Tryna jack me, because I'm in my Benz
On Martin Luther King, riding ain't no end
Four deep with friends
F**k the f**king Compton
'Cause them n***as think that the South ain't stomping
Up in that door, we kicking it in G
It's like a f**king murder man, give me the key
N***a used a pistol on the hoe 'cause he tripped
Snapped a n***a because I know I was a trip
N***a don't know was a hustler from the start
Thug life n***a man, that's up in my heart
I'm thinking about that Pac, that boy be on lock
But that boy know man, the dream don't stop
Because I'm in the what? I done already told 'em
Blue and red man, green I'm unfolding
F**k the f**king color, black on black crime
That's why I had to kill another one of mine
Motherf**king brothers
N***a ain't no other
N***a who could stutter
Man f**k the other, race
Going off G and let's ride
I'm f**king with the P-A-to the-T
That's why we gonna ride
Motherf**king Southside while we gonna ride
Man I, be on, my flip late at night
I be smoking, on that pipe
With that killer, down in my throat
Pulling on that motherf**ker, man yeah I hope
A n***a come to my door, try to kick it in
Pick up the phone, call all my f**king friends
Hit big Deebo on the f**king long drive
Get [?] on the AM tree now
Call up the Blunt off the f**king [?]
[?] off the foster don't play
Go get the chunk, go to the 'leans
Pull out some of them motherf**king fiends
Cars, we gotta, ride 'em up G
So let's get the AKs and the pumps see
Because it's a murder, after f**king midnight
I'm coming through in my motherf**king bubble lights
I was surprised, you can't see me
The P-A-to the-T, 'cause I'm in this industry
Coming so hard, coming so real
Riding on the freight like ESG with the quill
Riding all the way, time to get paid
I'm coming through man I got your baby mama laid
Down in the bed, but I'm sticking head
N***a pulling through 'cause what I went fed
Back in '92 when I first bought my 'lac
Me and CB with the f**king slant back
Moved to Southwest, now I'm in the Park
He in the red Benz, we rolling out the dark
Shutting the South down, them boys couldn't handle
Somebody kicked the door in and dismantled
All my f**king money, took up all the clothes
Planted me for the crime, but I didn't know, what the f**k to do
I called up on the Screw, told that boy I had to put it on the tape fool
So now it's '95, n***as still strong
N***as still in the game, still going long
I got my mind made up, the game is just sewed up
Go in my room and beat my f**king pad up
And my f**king pen, and then I go to writing
So many rhymes man, it just be exciting
[?] f**king mind, I'm p*ssed off to the highest festivity
Hoes can't see me, in the city
Do or die, so I smoke that [?]
Just to stay motherf**king L-I-V-E live
N***a can't see me, the P-A-to the T
Even if I was in your face, or all 3D
I be sweating you can bet when I flow
Won a f**king trophy at High Rollers hoe
First f**king place, number one, yeah the ace
I'm coming through giving you marks yeah a taste
Of the Southside, 'cause we so real
We coming red and blue, so what the f**k you feel?
It ain't a f**king color, it's about the truce
So now I'm back out there in my f**king deuce
Rolling up the block, I'm banging trunk open
With the pop up, popped up, and I'm smoking
Man bubble eyes, beaming so far
I could see you if you was Crestmont Park
And I was on [?] drinking on my 40
Hell nah n***a, a four man, a party
In my f**king ride, hitting them to the left
And then to the right, dropped the drop yep
Man so real, me and that Blunt
Coming through this motherf**ker man, yeah a front
For them f**king hoes, I be fronting broke
Because these buster b*t*hes gotta keep my pockets loaded
With the f**king paper, the heads just be ringing
The bells just be singing
And I will just be swinging
Elbows left to the right
Popped the trunk yeah that's right
Southside n***a, yeah we roll tight
I don't give a damn, and I don't give a f**k
We still coming through-