DJ Screw
Stay Tru 1992
Man I gotta go, I gotta make money
The tool up under the bed just to catch somebody tryna be a dummy
I grind so me and you could both eat
And I refuse to be a broke a** n***a in the streets
So let me tell you a lil something about me
Baby I'm a player and I ain't bout no sneaks
I bring this money home everyday of the week
And I'ma stay true if you stay true to me
There will be no beef, you know we gotta make it
Done tried other b*t*hes but you know they seem to fake it
And I know right now, I know it for a part
But SG Rilla Mane ain't into pulling cards
Until then we gon' chill and ride candy
And stack this money up and I'ma have you feeling fancy
And you already know everything is okay
So baby watch the pictures and sip this Alize
Y'know what I'm talking bout

[Outro: Sample]