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Quentin Miller

"So Excited..."

[Intro: Kanye West]
Where the bad b*t*hes, huh? Where you hiding?
I got the power to make your life so exciting

[Verse: Quentin Miller]
On some fire sh*t when arrivin'
When I'm drivin' I be glidin'
You on my, stay on my d**k
n***as talk sh*t, page on private
I had walked in, everything big
They like, "How that n***a walk in one leg?"
In LA they tune in to what the boy say
In NY they listenin' to what son said
Made myself a major player
Back when we was bumpin' Thank Me Later I was on my way up
I can't let 'em play us
All my dues paid up, [?] free world when it come to pay cuts
Self-titled genius before I linked with genius
Came from nothing, you should have seen it, now look at me
All that hatred n***as put on me...
'Cause I'm everything you couldn't be...
[?] get 'em so excited
VH1, Flavor Flav, you know what time it is
Give us love, give us love over violence
What is love? It's a drug, you should try it

[Outro: Quentin Miller, Kanye West]
Hahaha, for real, it's a drug

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