Conway the Machine

"Acetone Wash"

[Verse 1 : Conway the Machine]

Back-to-back with Crimeapple, clap the nine at you
Or I could send my guys at you, crack ya pineapple
They tried to lock me up, but they ain’t have my mind shackled
Now right in front of city hall, they gon put my statue
That’s off the rhyme, my sh*t is pain, like being hit with flying shrapnel
Gotta be one of the illest throwin lines at you
Rappin like I was trapped in a ’95 time capsule
Bars hit you hard like a Ray Lewis in his prime tackle
Forty in ya mouth, how does it taste?
Can’t talk with a gun in yo mouth, I’m bout to hollow yo face
Skeleton AP, three hundred dollar bottles of Ace, I get the case
Money trails, follow my trace
I let this b*t*h off, fire come out the nozzle and spray
I’m down to throw on that all black and catch a homo and skate
Got n***as runnin, tryna hop over gates, they not gonna escape
Told my youngin keep poppin yo Drake

[Verse 2: Crimeapple]

I came from more bills, four wheels, and more Henny to spill
And dark forces just like the ones that got some Kennedys killed
I let her know how the medicine feel, soon as she mention the pill
I’m throwin blue powder in the air like it’s a gender reveal
I’m sippin champ’ like it’s soda, shakin hands with promoters
Got some fans out in Tacoma, stash house in Bogota
Emittin toxic odors, I’m just my pops if he could hold his dreams
Taught my philly ratchet to spike your cola with scopolamine
In Cali’ got the cholo lean, a chulo in a bugle smoking crudo
They said it resemble David Caruso, you gotta pay for the puro, te juro
I don’t advise you taste, sh*t I drop turn blue around cobalt thiocyanate
The fly relate, so I been straight, before I spit on satellite
If you fresh to death, I guess I’m dressin in my afterlife
Closet look like I’m boostin, keep company like I’m stupid
Getting brains until she Clueless, from Stacy Dashes that’s Jewish
All cuz I grew out the sewage, I knew it, I had a hunch at least
Some judged me, don’t wanna f**k with me, made em do it reluctantly
Begrudingly, and now who could f**k with me? I await
And probably die of old age before there’s someone that you could name
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