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Conway the Machine

"No Women No Kids"

You are still
Now open your eyes

Whipped a half a brick, smell the white fumes (Whip up)
sh*t on my neck bright enough to light rooms (My sh*t lit up, right)
Leave a n*gga body full of knife wounds (Hah)
We tycoons, I'm a fly goon (Hahaha)
Only smokin' the best like DZA
Catch a b*tch goin' through my pockets, I just might kill her (f*ck is you doin', yo?)
My young b*tch 23, she dress like SZA
If I need a brick cook, I know the chef like RZA (Talk to 'em)
Stackin' all this cream, they tryna inspect the method (Hah)
Youngin scorin' on the opps, he 'bout to set the record (Boom boom boom boom)
n*gga, I'm about to apply extra pressure (Cap)
Rappers say they on my level, but have yet to measure (Picture that, n*gga)
Versace to my socks, boy, I'm extra fresher (You see me, b*tch)
Throw my gloves on, screw on the TEC suppressor (What's poppin', n*gga)
They say I'm too passionate as a writer (Hah)
But I don't give a f*ck, that's what happen when you fire (Hah)
You can't tell me all these rappers not inspired
Before Reject 2, n*ggas was rappin' like Desiigner (Hahahaha)
I'm that n*gga if you have to just inquire
But you can visit my hood and go and ask if I'm a liar (Go ask the real n*ggas)
n*gga, I pull the ratchet out and fire (Boom boom boom boom)
Alejandro Sosa the only cat that I aspire to be (Brr)

Yeah, you know what's up, n*gga
Uh, fifty rounds for you f*ck n*ggas
I'm back in rare form, n*gga
Haha, yeah
Machine, b*tch
Oh my f*ckin' God, n*gga
Smash and scrape the whole summer, n*gga
I promise you
I don't think nobody f*ckin' with me
I'ma take that back
I know nobody ain't f*ckin' with me, n*gga
Point 'em out

See all these n*ggas out here?
Strugglin' to survive, man
When you strugglin' to survive, you need somebody to follow
So I figured, why not give 'em God?

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