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Conway the Machine



Yeah, I see you n*ggas tryna take the formula and make it cornier, I'm onto you (See what y'all n*ggas doin')
Don't make me call shorty up, he pick his .40 up (Put that in, homie)
Shootin' your corner up, send you for a ride with the coroner (Boom boom boom boom)
Cake pilin', spent the last two days countin' (Hah)
Invested in the real estate and made safe houses (Yeah)
Same block where I had a K, wildin', I made thousands
I could take my bricks and make a yay mountain (Hah)
Open my garage door and pull a Wraith out it (You see me, b*tch)
Puerto Rican b*tches love me like I'm J Balvin (Hahahaha)
Versace draws, nah, b*tch, these ain't Calvins (Uh uh)
Militant mind, I'm the modern day Malcolm
I'm the n*gga that they doubted
I created my own lane on these n*ggas, now my lane crowded (Get out my lane)
And I ain't even drop a album
But the flow polished like the n*gga on his eighth album (Machine, b*tch, hah)
On Dope Street, I used to move an O a day
You can't take my chains, boy, my jewels don't go away (Hah)
You can't name a dude that flow today that's f*ckin' with me
Just think, Everybody Is F.O.O.D. was a throwaway (That was light)
Everything I touch, this sh*t is classic
Call the plug, get the package, then get in traffic (Ah)
Already sold half it before I ripped the plastic (Talk to 'em)
Neck lookin' like I just went triple platinum
We with the action, your favorite rapper, I will smack him
Then have his head spinning backwards, then spin a Backwoods (Hahaha)
Shootin' like Dame DOLLA, I'm hittin' baskets
I'm in the booth spittin' gases, get your matches, n*gga
And you suckers knowin' what's up (Yeah)
You get a sh*tbag when I'm dumpin' low with the pump (Boom boom boom boom)
Who the hardest in the streets? Motherf*cker, you know it's us
I ain't bring New York back, I put Buffalo in the front
Motherf*cker (Brr)
Yeah, n*gga

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