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Conway the Machine

"Black Spoons"

Yeah, uh

My mind carry this info, I share with a pencil (Talk to 'em)
I used to stare out my window
See my older homie 19, and he steerin' the Benzo
n*ggas don't play ball, sellin' raw, they apparently into
You see me wearin' this Kenzo hat, you know I did what I been through
They sick I'm gettin' money, clearly resentful (They mad)
It's spooky, n*gga, the sh*t I spit is very suspenseful (Hah)
My bars give you the fear of God, b*tch, I'm Jerry Lorenzo (Hahahaha)
Ah, spin through your area, air the extendo (Brr)
I recorded this F.O.O.D 4 in a day, it was simple
Most of you rap n*ggas is washed, your career's in a limbo
You hatin', man, all of these jewels that I wear to offend you (See my jewels)
Real hustler, I got three phones
Refrigerator broke, it ain’t no ice, leave that cold water in the sink on, uh
Rockin' that brick, got my Dior pink on (Talk to 'em)
Uh, rockin' that sh*t, I don't got nothing cheap on (Ooh)
You know what we on, pistol whip that n*gga, broke his cheekbone
Shot him on Dote and Bailey, they found his body on Keystone, uh (Boom)
Gunpowder residue all on my VLONE, ha
Write pain like a shot in your right knee bone (Ha)
You rap about bricks but you broke, that don't even out (Talk to 'em)
Give my youngin a blick, he gon' shoot at your people house (Brr, brr)
I live everything that I sing about, been through some sh*t that I really can't speak about
I have a f*ck n*gga, white boy in cheap amount, I f*ck them hoes on IG that you dream about
I'll call up Cutta, he gon' bring that steamer out, iron on waist so they get every wrinkle out
f*ck did you think about, 30 shots ringin' out, ah (Brr, brr, brr)

By Fashion Rebels

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