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Conway the Machine

"Bells Palsy"

[Conway The Machine]
I was really on my, really on my music grind you know what I mean
Chasing this sh*t and, I was living in Atlanta at the time
I came back up here to promote you know what I mean some sh*t that I had dropped or whatever
And I was up here for a couple days and I was leaving the club you know, with the homies dropping n*ggas off and you know n*ggas just pulled up and you know, just sprayed the back of the truck up
You know what I'm saying, I got hit in the back of the head, in the neck, and in the shoulder whatever
Left my face paralyzed, from the, from the nerve damage
sh*t was kinda twisted, this why I look like this now, cuz I can't move the whole right side of my face
And it was hard to talk, you know what I mean, do anything as far as with my you know what I mean, my body so
But that made me just go that much more harder because I had nothing but to sing raps and sh*t, just thinking about the comeback

I wasn't expecting to hear Conway's pen
So when I heard that, and finding out they were brothers and the story
I was like, nobody f*cking with that sh*t right now

(Conway The Machine)
This eastside buffalo sh*t, eastside to the westside, that's what you gonna get from us

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