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Spaceship Earth
Dancing, without leg use,
Step in the head of a recluse,
Let's execute the chess moves,
Get dead, it's time to get loose,
Let's spar, praise to the stars,
Rhythm within a bar, that's a seminar,
Like cinema, quite similar,
Indeed, speed like centipede,
So stamina, give stimuli,
Flash images, within your eye
Observe the hit, you'll learn from it
You'll notice the knowledge is permanent
Preeminent, prominent hominid
To win it, with discipline dominance
Doing the diligence, Choosing a musical instrument
Using the views of a militant
With eloquence, but still intense
Standing still on elephants, that move with grace and steadiness
Through jagged cliffs of amethyst, The planet is a capsule ship
In outer space that travels in, the path intended by the sun that rules the nine
The jewels of rhyme are genuine, I'mma send you 'em, using the time continuum
Making experiments based in the spirit of Native American Indians
Seeking intelligence, seeing a delicate system of cellular synthesis
The mental, a temple, defend and protect it against the agenda of simpletons

Are we alone in the universe?
What is the goal of the human search?
Where will the men who remain with the civilization escape when they lose the Earth?
Using a vessel eventually at a velocity into infinity
Starting a colony deep in the galaxy must be the aim of astronomy
Crooked economy killing ecology
Pillaging property 'til the appropriate party has profited properly, probably isn't the positive policy
Journey internally into the chemical chasm of human anatomy
How do symmetrical, spherical particles mesh and a**emble a part of me?
Notice the atom's autonomy physically mimicking that of the planets in gravity
Study your arteries, See similarities bonding your body with botany
Bridges and tracks that carry trains, similar to capillaries, veins
Visible ripples in rivers that travel in waves unravel in lakes
Mapping the maze and the math is amazing, A ma**ive and immaculate matrix
A station enabling civilization aka The Spaceship