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DJ Format

"I'm Good"

I'm good
But I probably should prove it to ya
Or else you could just pass me off
As another motherf**ker sayin' the same thing
I'd be hurt but I couldn't be blaming you
Because more than a few be claiming (through?)
Their raps is exactly that And never half as phat as what their hypin' it up to be
Inevitably what it sounds like to me And I'm sure to you as well cause you're discerning clientele
Connoisseurs, know how I can tell?
You're listenin' to this. It's elementary, my dear Format
Although I'm not a sleuth
Stooped with a sore back
It's just simple deduction
My friend Which brings us to the end Of the beginning
Although of course there's still more to come But first we gotta let that chorus run
So, run it

I'm good Get it straight: I'm great Could you demonstrate?
Yeah, go tell your mates To gather 'round, and check the sound Of Abdominal and Format
Throwin' down. We're good Get it straight: We're great Could you demonstrate?
Yeah, we won't hesitate

I'm good Just as good as it gets Eat a chicken vindaloo in a sauna
Won't bust a sweat
I'll walk a tight rope made of barb wire in my bare feet
Over a moat full of crocodiles with scary teeth
Fight a bear with an arm tied behind my back
Eat an anthrax sandwich when it's time for a snack
Wash it down with a hot cup of cobra blood
Smoke a rain forest like you might toke a bud And (cup?) a 4 by 100 gazelle relay squad
Reach a stalemate in chess with God. While playing Vishnu and Buddha on alternate boards
Pick scraps of meat out of my teeth with swords
Forged in the fires of Hell
Vocal cords similarly rugged Like tortoise shells from prehistoric eras I swear, don't get me started on lung capacity
Because the air acc*mulated in my lungs after just one breath
Enough to inflate an alpha male mountain gorilla's chest
Verbally dexterous
Like Oxford-trained auctioneers Abdominal: Vocab Pioneer
Stretchin' the frontiers of speech past where they once stood i.e., I'm good

(Chorus and bridge)

I'm good But that's quite a vague adjective
So let me try to present a more selective profile of precisely how good I am:
First of all, I'm dope Not to mention, the man Fantastic, terrific, slickest, the wickedest tight, fresh, nice
Magnificent outstanding, slamming, above par
Flawless Let's not forget: Best by far Impeccable, exceptional, unparalleled
Delectable, invincible, and very swell
Gripping, grand, glorious, impressive, envied, victorious
Tres bien, muy bien, molto bene
Out-of-this-world slash heavenly
Amazing, totally awesome, rad
Exquisite, superb, on-point, plus bad
But, yo Don't get it twisted
Not "bad" meaning bad But "bad" meaning "the sh*t", kid And get that one straight, too
Not "the sh*t" meaning the sh*t But "the sh*t" meaning great, dude
Stupendous, tremendous, excellent, tight Super smooth, ultimate
Better than alright Superior, supreme, perfect, and treasured
These adjectives carefully measured
To ensure that you understood
That in other words: I'm good


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