Derek Minor

"Who Gon Stop Us"

[Chorus: Derek Minor]

We been in the gym, yeah
We been in the gym
Focused on the win, boy
What you sayin'?
Come again
Aye, please come again
Act like we ain't poppin'
Aye, who gon, stop us now?
Who gon' stop us now?
Who gon' stop us now?
Who gon' stop us now?
Who gon' stop us now?

[Verse 1: Tony Tillman]

Comin' fo' the top, boy
Who gon' say a word to stop us?
Climbin' up so high
That you gon' need a bird to watch us
Boy, that's way up
We servin' L's to those with nerves to mock us
Boy, don't play us
The vibes who got can block us, the approach is proper
Them dudes got majors ambitions
We ain't goin' fo' birdie
Legends in the makin', dawg
You watchin' 30 for 30
I keep a prayer fo' the fake
Got the real and dodge the snakes
Only mamba I rock with
Got 24 on the jersey
You 'bout to witness somethin' legendary
Ooh, I think they blind
And tryna see us, that's imaginary
You done lost yo' mind
Sleepin' on the squad
Don't feel no competition, hold up
Slept on our greatness long enough
Now we gon' run the score up
Tryna see the trophy passed around
Confetti on the cap and gown
Focused on the dub
But we ain't backin' down
How you gon' stop the plan of God
When He marchin' with the squad?
Look at me, this RMG
And we the captains now
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