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"This is not Utopia"

Agravation, degradation
Deflamation, resound
Self fixation, self fellation
Masturbation, bleed out

All the acid tongues get to breathe
It's in the lines they weave, but not me
So push the pacifist in the ring
And watch the cruel display

This is not utopia, this is a sentence

Isolation, medication
Alienatin, freak out
Hold on to the dream
And push the truth away

Lower your defences and you're just a piece of meat
Searching for communion in the likes that I have never seen
Egos they rise in the air. Godlike in motion, they levitate
Oh they invite you to play, drag you from grace

Among the whores, among the thieves
I serve godless machines

Domination, violation
Molestation, freak out

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