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"Liquid Light"

Come hear our broken psalms
Big words that we wrote while in the dark
We ordered our young
To heed our words and bleach their minds
And they obeyed
And said their prayers
And burnt their wires

Before too long we'd changed our minds
We fell out of love with liquid light
And in our shame
We all then failed to disavow
Leaving our plague to trickle down

It's gone too far

Lennon. Slick '66, get your trip on
Stay in bed, feed your head
Huxleys new dawn
Acid fried, '69, got it so wrong
Brian, Syd, Peter, Skip, Roky, all gone

Come listen to the words of dead men
And the clinically insane
As they lead you down the path that they went
And encourage you to do the same
Wake up

They got it so wrong
Still their verses are commonplace

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