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The lights are on this work of art
And nothing can compare
For I've seen God, he's in my heartbeat
And always has been there

Eyes dilate as I vibrate
Luminous is the flame
And out there it's a nightmare
Let rotten wood fall away

Indifference to trivial views
Wrapped up in my bliss
Indolence will pacify with heavy tricle kiss

We are of the sun
Not captive to the mundane death of the body
And who says this is not the one state?
For I belong here
Let rotten wood fall away

I dream a revolution of the creed
Blow the valve, reset the code
I feed from the spaces inbetween
I evoke heaven with a stamp om my tongue

I believe this is Eden I perceive
Open doors breathing walls
The opulence of kings

I believe it's perfection I've achieved
No reward could ever come
To reach this seventh heaven

I'm in love with a chemical
It's alldownhill from here
Turn Off, Tune Out, Drop Down

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