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Yeah, one time for the one time
Uh huh

Yeah, you know life is like a movie and I hope this sh*t is Spike Lee
Written on a mission out to get it on my life please
Don't wake me up
Cause I done finally found the right dream
And whatever happens finna happen on my Spike Spieg'
Gotta make a wave and they just laying on the high seas
I don't even sweat it, I can't let it, it's a light breeze
I can't even freestyle for these rappers, it's a slight fee
She said I'm the GOAT and yeah I told her b*tch I might be
I been on some gucci sh*t, I been off my moody sh*t
I been bumping Cudi, on my Cudi and my Nudy sh*t
Play that boy the Carti and they look at you like who is this
Probably be your favorite rapper favorite rapper doing it, it's ludicrous
My roll out finna hold out for a minute
Hold on now what you know about independent
Y'all been had them bills bout four five months free n*ggas sold out for a listen, that's crazy
What's your soul price?
I couldn't put a number on that sh*t my whole life
My whole life I had to fight, n*gga what you know about sacrifice huh?
What you know about sleeping holy stop speaking on me that's bad advice
I need my space like satellites
I keep your place like gravity
I'm black but not Apollo though
That's why these lames so mad at me
And know that's the reason I'm extra fly
Never touch, ground
Genocide, set it up
Bet if I, let em breathe
They gon shoot me down, when they getting up

[Hook x2]
That's that rockstar lifestyle might not make it
Rockstar lifestyle might not make it
You could die young, die in love or die famous
You could die young, die in love or die famous

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