Cassius Jay

"Ooh Ooh Woah"

Oh, oh, oh, oh woah
Yeah,  ah, ah
Basil  (Ah)
That boy Cassius

Oh, oh, oh, oh woah on your b*t*h
Pull  up on 'em and we ready to go (Aw yeah)
Shawtie  love me 'cause she f**king on the road (On the clique)
Got a .40 Glock in over, let it blow (On the b*t*h)
Like  oh, oh, oh, oh woah b*t*h (Oh yeah)
And my day one, he from Zone 6 (Yeah that's him)
So when I'm with him my pro stick is on six
At that Valerie, ole Mell is on six (Yeah, yeah, hey yo)

[Verse 1]
Say  she wanna take herself (Self)
She wanna f**k your n***a, where we wealthy (Ayy)
I gotta lotta broads and we ain't healthy (Uh)
I ain't talkin' bout the weed, I'm talking 'bout the green (Green)
And shoutout the club, the block and I ain't a fiend (Boy)
To any b*t*h who say I put d**k in her spleen (Okay)
'Cause if she tell her boyfriend, I might be on the hang (b*t*h)
Oh the hanging sh*t (Yeah), on the hanging sh*t
n***as envy and disguise, they on that Satan sh*t
I go cool with cheetah, that super saiyan sh*t
You say you sleep, dissing boy, what you saying G? (Ah)
'Cause we gon' pull up with the mother rounds on the stick
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