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Naruto Shippuden

"Hero’s Come Back (ENGLISH ver.)"

A far away voice clues in and HINTS TO ME
One after one, my people are all STANDIN
No more doing the same thing AGAIN
We’re all gonna turn that up, ARE YOU READY?

A fire burns and lights INSIDE ME
Energy flows like a violent STOMPING
And it goes on, and it CALLS ME
Yeah guys hear me, this is my COMEBACK STORY


Everybody stand up!
You know today you will give your best shot
You’ll never stop, cause you’re a speed hunter
Everyone’s watching you and cheering you on

YEAH! Come on!

Everybody hands up!
Today’s the Hero’s comeback
Cross all your fingers and start the countdown
Ikuze, 3-2-1 MAKE SOME NOISE!

Hey yo, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do?
Boasting all over the place with that voice of you
DEJA VU, weaker than all the breath you blow
The wall you built with your dirty words, I’ll BREAK IT DOWN
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