Blue Scholars

"Fou Lee"

[Verse 1: Geologic]
It goes one, one to the two three
People asking, "Geo, what the hell does OOF! mean?"
If you a true fiend, you'd have knew things, I'm a cool king
Felix, throwing the two-seam
Only came here to tell you two things
Be original, it's unconditional
My unconventional means of marketing things
Is hella ground up in a top-bottom scheme

Rather leave people than the press impressed
I guess it's a good thing got both on the team
If you focused like me, you know what I mean
The door knocks, better hope it's not me
The kid rolls deep with musicians like Ozomatli
Bona fide trees breathe, making petrified knees
These neighbors Black, Latin, all types of Chinese
With a sudden European influx, increased

Been f**ked since the real estate bubble burst now
In the realest state witnessing the homicide rates
Like back when the kids watched tapes of Menace and Juice
They need medicine, truth is no single
Man, woman, president can alter the present
By they god damn selves, we move in a swell

One fell motion, them monuments fell
Learned that from Kindu to do it for self, it goes one
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