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Blue Scholars

"The Long March"

Left, right left, check it out

[Verse 1]
It goes left, right, left and we're marchin' on
Ya'll can pop your collars, Blue Scholars poppin' collarbones
Molotov c*cktail party at the White House
Fire in the hole of the Oval Office, it's lights out
Alpha to Omega, Genesis to Revelation
The meek shall inherit but they're still miseducated
By the colonized mind idolized in America
New people's era once again break the barriers
To crush, kill, destroy
Stressin' over trying to find a job or just keepin' the one you got
Now war? Huh? What the f*ck's it good for?
Absolutely everything that America has stood for
Some read a book but can't overstand one love
Like Radio Raheem's right hand
Two mics, two turns, two cats and no others
My hypeman's the spirit of my still-born brother

Goin' left right, left and we're marchin' on
Left, right, left, keep it up ya'll
Left, right, left, keep marchin' on
Left, right, left (check it out)

[Verse 2]
It goes left, right, left like a pendulum
Swingin' the momentum in the people's direction
I learned lessons never taught in textbooks or chalkboards
Sittin' in the back of the class, the teacher talked more
c*ck back this hammer to sickle-cell up you amateurs
Skills below average, you will always be a challenger
I walk like a champion, talk like a champion
Want to be somebody? Better get yourself some discipline
I spit good medicine, listen to the antidote
Clean the Clear Channel out your eardrums and throat
I wrote this manifesto for folks who can't afford most luxuries
And not those who boast that they're broke when they're not
Walk now, proud and tall, the occasional fall
It keeps me humble through it all
Now Geo's chillin', Sabzi's chillin', what more can I say?
We keep marchin' to the rhythm

Goin' left, right, left and we're marchin' on
Left, right, left, Blue Scholars ya'll
Left, right, left, it's the Long March
Left, right, left and it goes
Left, right, left

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