Blue Scholars

"Burnt Offering"

I don't know what to write, oh well, yo

[Verse 1]
I offer nothing but the uncertain promise
That I'll honestly pursue the crooked path of the conscious

Not just another body in the battle for the soul
Never sold self for its weight in platinum and gold
Man we're getting grown
Wisdom got us thinking in the interest of our children
Even if they ain't been given their flesh
Their bones, their homes or their names yet

I'm aiming for the change in my pocket for the payback
The change augmented by the government to nothing
The change of a whirlwind unraveling the coming of that next sh*t
I can't wait but when it comes, sh*t
It better be worth the sh*t that I paid most my life with

It's nice when it rains sometimes
Cleansing minds in my habitat, imagine that I'm digging to find
What was hidden by the myth of a god up in the sky
Knowing that She meant for me to rhyme

So I give thanks to the most, the least that I can do
I wear this skin to find the me inside of you
When I dream that I'm dreaming I feel most alive
Sacrifice nights, write to survive
Proper hand gestures conjure ancestors

Drinking from the bottle that was meant
For the message that was sent from the tired and the true
I give thanks to the most, the least that I can do

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