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Blue Scholars

"Coffee and Snow"

[Verse 1]
It's cold!
First I came home
And next thing you know
A blanket of snow
Cancelled a show
Now I'm chillin'
Can't let go, I gotta catch that feelin'
Hands to the ceilin' but I know
I can't be holed up in this spot for long
With a beat this hot and not drop a song
With pajama pants on; a chance to make
What a old school head called a classic take
Track eight to the new jacks, and that's the breaks
I hate fakes with a passion
Can't get enough of Everlast and Basement Assassin
Chasin' the dragon, not cause I'm Asian
More cause we need more fire to warm these nuts
Keep 'em toasted; cold might shrivel 'em up
And the snow plow trucks ain't givin' a f*ck
We'll dig ourselves outta the hood
With mind over matter but the matter came first
Brown show you how the thang works
Takin' 'em to church like King, but we're seeing his dreams in reverse
Say we need more self-esteem
I say we need free first
Water for that deep-sea thirst
Hotter than a Philippine street;
I make the heat worse
Callin' out the sun
Won't see a penny of that bailout fund
So I gotta keep it current or I'm laid out done
Buildin' up a fort just in case our front
Screen fades out
Credits to the start
Throw down Mao with the Lenin and the Marx
Veterans of wars waged in our backyards, now
No surprise, kids is connoisseurs, wow...
And I came from a isle
Neva seen a blizzard so the weather stay foul
But a group on, as I got grown
Blue Scholars got started, I was sleepin' on futons at home
Can't complain when my people starvin'
That's the reason that I don't rock no crystalline carbon
And my folks keep fallin'...
And a snow keeps fallin'...
In '09, keep marchin'
Sincerely, Geo and Sabzi
Gotta get that coffee

Follow me
Let's go

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