Blue Scholars


[Verse 1]
I used to listen to B.I.G
I used to listen to Pac
Everybody chose sides but I didn't get caught
There's no division in mind

If I dig it, I'm rocking it
Used to lifted them pockets the music lifted my thoughts
Sky high
Mr. popular not
Used to make friends with squares if their sister was hot
Used to p*ss in a pot
Flush the water and watch
The sh*t comin' outa pipes just a couple of blocks
Across streets where we used to flock
Now a new generation played demand and supply
Used to talk using numbers on our pagers for letters
I guess that you could say that we the ones invented text messages
And heads less desperate threads
And they try to turn your dollar into fifteen cents again
Used to conversate to try to make sense of it
Now we tough talk heads straight behind the internet
Used to fight bare knuckled after school
Now everybody acting cool, acting a fool
We used to care
Now we just carry what we're used to
It's rare tryna find that voice that will move you
Ask me again and I'll tell you the truth, dude
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