Blue Scholars

"Chief Sealth"

I'm from an analog era where we match that beat
No screens no things, just pads and keys

No lab no fees, just dranks and weed
No thanks I keed, no what? no need

Humility is not the ability to front
It's when you willingly work for what you want

And you barely could rest until you done
Feel it in your chest
Heart pumps harder when you gotta wake up
Every minute might count
Tired of paying up, we taking the top down
Minds raised up, we feeling it right now

(the whole town sucks!)

You say it so loud that you probably feel the opposite, way deep down
Like anybody still saying pause ya'll clowns
Find Pro Brown when it all falls down
If the motherland calls, who's gonna roll out
A spark for the kid who never thought he could write
But when the pen turned king, now his kingdom is now
And I look back at mine, the things that I find?
I was still the same kid til I listened to the sound

Some bow in the presence of God
We give pounds to each other and taught
Stopped counting the shows that I've rocked
Put em up for the lives of the people we lost
Catch a breath like an immigrant
Sneaking across and where the cash go visas or not we go too (ooh-ooooh!)
It don't stop from the city to the boondocks
Take em to the top, make em all cry
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